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Company rt steel ltd. was established in year 2005.

We produce and supply: steel tubes and bars, stainless and seamless tubes, special materials for boilers and parts of energetic devices and also other steel and metallurgical materials.

The aim of our company is to meet the needs of our customers in aspects of price, time and quality. We are able to respond to prompt customer demands of delivering materials during mill shutdowns. We also very often cooperate on looking for solution requiring special materials and replacing materials according to updated standards.

Company headquarter is in Chomutov, city where the steel and metallurgic material was always centralized and where this potential can be used to solve non-standard request for material or processing. These aspects are of course completed with supplying of metallurgical materials, products and pipeline parts with standardized sizes, quality and standards.

Company rt steel ltd. supplies metallurgical material, tubes and bars, seamless tubes and other products in standards of CSN, DIN, EN so as standards ANSI, ASTM, GOST according to customer demands (listing of these standards in section Standards). We also offer additional analyses in accredited laboratory in our production plant. Among our customers, you can find renowned service and manufacturing companies which ensure operation companies with chemical and energetic production. We cooperate with Research Institute of Metallurgy in Ostrava and we are concerned in fundamental investments in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We look forward to your connecting us with confidence in these web pages after observing our offer.

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