Material supplier and full-service provider in the power industry

The company rt steel s.r.o. produces and delivers steel materials, pipes and bars, seamless and stainless pipes, special materials for boilers and other energy related equipment production, and other steel and metallurgical materials.

Our services

Metallurgical materials

• Seamless steel pipes
- OD 21,3mm – 710 mm, WT 2,3mm – 70 mm

• Welded steel pipe
- OD 324mm – 2220 mm, WT 5mm – 50 mm

• Tubular accessories
- seamless and welded elbows, bends, T-pieces, reducers, caps, flanges, necks etc.

• Forgings

• Plates, sheets and burnouts
- Profile steel – round bars, flat steel, square bars, hexagonal bars, building steel (I, U, L, IPE, UE, UPE, HEA, HEB, HEM…)

• Material cutting, bevelling, shot blasting, sand blasting

• Pipe Inside surface grinding and ID controlled pipe production
- ID from 100mm up to 1200mm.
- Lengths up to 14 mtrs

Closed bends 180° R MIN 0,5D

Rt steel s.r.o. produces clamped bends in radius R min 0,5D as the only company in the Czech Republic and is one of two manufacturers in Europe.
It is a unique product designed primarily for the power industry. Ensuring financial savings in the construction of industrial boilers and heat exchangers.

• R min 0,5 – 1 D… hot bending
• R min 1 – 1,3 D… cold bending
• Tube OD 20 mm → 107 mm
• WT: 3,6 up to 9,0 mm
• Material: max. tensile 700 N/mm2
• Clamping and sizing in one action
• Simpler and faster process
• Subsequent heat treatment


• Superalloy welding – Inconel alloy 625
• High protection of the base material against corrosion, oxidation and abrasion
• Ability to withstand high stress and wide temperature range, extreme corrosion, acid conditions and oxidation from harsh environments

• The right choice for nuclear, energy and marine applications
• Used in industrial boilers and incinerators for waste processing
• Lifetime of at least 10 years

Piping system

• Assembly and welding of piping parts and piping systems, including complete accessories
• Fully equipped production facilities
• Certification of all production processes
• Manufacturing of bends and tubular switches
• Checks according to customer requirements by RTG, UT, MT, PT method

Machining and maintenance of machines

• Classic turning
• CNC turning
• Classic milling
• CNC milling horizontal, vertical
• Egalization
• Welding
• Surface treatment – galvanic coating, varnishing, heat treatment etc.

• Copying
• Round grinding
• Surface grinding
• Deep drilling

Technological and investments units

• Tanks
• Constructions
• Technological equipments